Saturday, April 3, 2010

"We don't need a cake..."

Sorry for the beautiful orange background... The kitchen I had to set up in was bright.

We had a baby shower for one of Adam's cousins (Welcome to the jungle cake) and I met his cousin's (Joe) fiance. We got to talking about their upcoming wedding and she mentioned that she couldn't find someone to make her a gluten-free wedding cake for any reasonable cost, and she was thinking of trying to make her own... Bad idea for a bride to have that on her plate on her wedding day... I offered my services to her as our wedding gift and she accepted. I made the top layer of the bride's cake vanilla (gluten-free) and the rest was classic white. The bride's cake had vanilla-almond butter cream icing with dragees and flowers and the groom's cake was chocolate with chocolate-fudge butter cream icing with hand dipped strawberries (notice the his and hers strawberries, that was fun to make). It smelled good enough to eat!

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