Saturday, November 20, 2010

One Week Wedding

This wedding was VERY last minute. A friend of a friend needed a wedding cake and hadn't booked anyone a week before the wedding. I agreed to do it, but it was a stretch to get all the prep work done in a week (not normally, but being 9 months pregnant and having a one-year old adds a lot).

She wanted a white cake with butter cream icing and roses. I like the look of the chocolate roses and people can actually eat them, which is nice. After all that work I want people to enjoy them. I had a couple of friends who came and helped me work on roses, leaves, and petals throughout the week, which was a huge help. I finished the final ones Friday night, just in time to let them dry overnight and place them Saturday. The cake was delivered exactly one week (to the hour) after it was ordered. Not sure I'd do that again, but they were happy with it, so that counts for something...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Addi!

Our niece Addison recently turned 4 and to celebrate we made the 5-hour trip to make her a Hello Kitty cake. We haven't been able to celebrate with her for her birthday since our wedding (which was just days before her 1st birthday) so this needed to be special. I decided to try my first ever topsy turvy cake for her because she such a spunky little girl. She asked for pink and chocolate cake, so this one is strawberry on the bottom and chocolate on the top, all with butter cream icing. The decorations are fondant, except the rings (which the little girls loved) and the Hello Kitty candle. It turned out pretty well for my first try.

Mini Cupcakes and Giant Cupcakes

These mini cupcakes were pumpkin cinnamon with cream-cheese icing and glazed pecans on top. They were made will real (from the pumpkin) pumpkin that my neighbor brought me. Wow! I didn't realize what a difference using non-canned pumpkin really makes. The pecans were also a very yummy touch. The two offices these went too gave great reviews.

These 4 giant cupcakes were for the birthday of the sister of a lady my husband works with (wow...). She ordered them just the afternoon before she needed them, which made them a quick job. They are dark chocolate with butter cream icing. The simple decorations are white dragees and m&ms. Go Colts!!