Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Cake for a cute couple.

This was a last-minute cake for a couple who nearly share a birthday. I got the info that a surprise party was going to happen for them almost 24-hours in advance. No problem! The top is dark chocolate and the bottom is white. The cake had raspberry filling and was covered in white chocolate icing and butter cream fondant. The decorations were butter cream and chocolate fondant. They were surprised when everyone showed up at their house!

Administrative Professional's Day

These were some cake ball flower arrangements for the ladies my husband works with. They are chocolate and white cake covered in white chocolate and decorated in a variety of candy. We appreciate these ladies a lot!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The making of Africa!

A good friend was leaving for Africa for two years to work at an orphanage in Zambia. I wanted to make her going away party special, so I did this.

It is chocolate and white cake with dark chocolate butter cream and raspberry filling. Covered in butter cream icing and butter cream fondant. All the decorations were hand made and edible. Good luck Andrea!!

As a side note: this was the largest (mass) cake I've ever made and was well over 50 pounds!!


These were made for a girl who wanted to take them to her family's Easter celebration. They are yellow cake with butter cream icing, lemon curd yolks and white chocolate shells. I love how they look so real!

Spring and Hearts

This was a little celebratory cake for a couple that eloped just before the groom shipped out. It was white and chocolate (by layer) with raspberry filling and butter cream icing covered in butter cream fondant. It was a hit.

Princess Cakes

These were two princess cakes, one for a girl turning 3 and the other was turning 1. I made everything and it is entirely edible. I'm not much into princess stuff, but these were fun.

Oh Justin...

This cake was for a Justin Bieber fan. He's like the New Kids On The Block for this generation I'm told... I did a lot of research for this one as I knew nothing of him.

I sculpted the figure and all and it turned out pretty well.

The bottom was white cake with milky way filling and the top was chocolate with chocolate filling. It all had butter cream icing and butter cream fondant. Entirely edible. The birthday girl loved it so much, she kept the figure and it is in her freezer!

Cake ball cake

This cake was for a U of M fan. The layers are white and chocolate cakes with raspberry filling and butter cream icing. It is covered in butter cream fondant and accented with white and chocolate cake balls.

Cake balls - the newest thing...

Cake balls or cake pops (on a stick) are the new cupcake in the cake world. They are fully baked cake, mixed with icing and covered in chocolate. And let me say that they are G*O*O*D!! Every flavor I've tried has been fantastic and well received. Below are some examples of recent cake balls (the descriptions are below each picture):

Wouldn't you know, I'd start with something that isn't even cake.. These are oreo balls. Oreo cookies, cream cheese, covered in white chocolate. Wow! That'll get cha.

Blueberry angel food cake.

Carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

Thin mint, chocolate peanut butter, banana chocolate chip.

Chocolate peanut butter and banana chocolate chip with kid's characters.

Banana chocolate chip.

Snickerdoodle with cinnamon butter cream icing.

Carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

German chocolate.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

70th Birthday

70th Birthday Party Cake. Purse was chocolate with chocolate filling, middle layer was lemon with raspberry filling, and bottom was vanilla with butter cream filling. All with fondant decorations and all edible.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn (Joker's Girlfriend) cake. Fudge marble cake with chocolate butter cream filling and vanilla butter cream icing. Fondant decorations.

Toy Story

Toy story cake and cupcakes. Chocolate and white cake with butter cream icing and fondant decorations (also Toy Story toys for the birthday boy).

Mini cupcakes

Mint chocolate with either cream cheese or chocolate butter cream icing and poured chocolates.

Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing and mini chocolate chips.

Mmmmm. Chocolate

Massive Doughnut! Devils food with chocolate filling and icing with vanilla glaze. Sprinkles are hand-made of chocolate plastic.

Dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate butter cream snicker filling.

Chocolate Garden and Spring Flowers

White cake with butter cream icing. All roses are hand-made of chocolate plastic.

Triple layer lemon cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese icing.