Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mom needs a cake too...

I made Tinkerbell and Hello Kitty cakes late last year for two sweet little girls. Their mom is a good friend of mine and she LOVED their special cakes. She picked them up, ooooed and ahhhhhed over them and left. On her way home, she called and asked if she could book me for her cake too. I was delighted to make this special cake for her. She is one of those selfless moms who eagerly takes care of her family, without regard for herself.

I told her that she could choose whatever she wanted for her birthday and so she did. She chose an Italian creme cake with cream cheese icing. She also mentioned that she loves roses and chocolate. I made the roses, leaves, and sign out of home made chocolate plastic (white and milk chocolate) and finished it off with fresh berries and chopped pecans. I hope she loves this cake and feels very special as she is celebrated! Happy Birthday Ruth!

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