Friday, May 7, 2010

Sweet 16

This was a cake for a sweet 16 party. She loved zebra print and had a pink dress for the party, so we went with both for the cake. The cake was fudge marble with almond butter cream icing and fondant decorations.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Whales and Monsters

These whales were a challenge... They are made from twinkies, round cookies, frosting, and a bunch of other props. They turned out well and the kids LOVED them.

These monsters were fitting considering they were for middle schoolers ;)

Ants and Apples

These are two more of the cupcake styles from the awards ceremony.
The ants go marching...are chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and chocolate covered almonds and blueberries for the ants. The ants are carrying fruit slices (sugared).

The apples are spice cupcakes with mini-donuts on top, frosted with vanilla icing and topped with a tootsie roll and laffy taffy in the shape of a leaf.

A piece of pie?

These pies are vanilla cupcakes with m&ms for the pie filling (green apple, peach, cherry, blueberry) and vanilla frosting for the pie crust.

I was asked to make refreshments for a middle school (end of the year) awards ceremony. I got the budget and made up some possible menu suggestions when I got the best idea. Cupcakes, fun ones (125 to be exact)... Middle schoolers would love it, and they did! The next few posts are all cupcakes from that event (I just can't get them all in one post).