Friday, September 3, 2010

18 Holes

This golf cake was for the 50th birthday of a big golf fan. The cake is yellow with lemon filling and butter cream icing. The decorations are mainly fondant, but I had to get plastic golf balls (around the bottom) and golf bag because I only had a couple of days notice on this one. It should feed around 30 people and I hope it makes his birthday special.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Phoebe's First Birthday

I wondered what to do when it was my daughter that turned 1... I've made countless cakes for other people's celebrations, but this was my baby. She loves her furry puppy and that's about her only obsession at this point, so I decided to make her a replica. I wasn't taking pictures as I was getting everything ready so there's only one picture of her first birthday cake (way to go mommy)... She loved it and it tasted great.

Navy and Yellow Wedding

This wedding cake was entirely chocolate with butter cream icing for a wedding with about 150 guests. The flower and swag decorations were made from fondant with clear dragees as accents. (There were also two white sheet cakes for those people who didn't like chocolate.)

Mari's Farm Cake

My niece just turned 2 and she loves animals. I thought it was only fitting that she had her own farm cake. The cake was confetti with butter cream icing. The fence was made from tootsie rolls, animals from fondant, and the barn from rice krispie bars covered in fondant. She was one happy girl!