Friday, February 26, 2010

Allergic to Life...

This cake was for the 18th birthday of one of my husband's students. She was VERY excited to find someone who could (not would... could) make her cake. In her initial e-mail to me, she started it with, "well, I'm allergic to life..." and then proceeded to tell me all the things she couldn't have. She likes blue and green and hearts... For me, not much to go on. This is her gluten-free chocolate and vanilla cake with butter cream icing and fondant decorations. Man... I hope this is a special cake and birthday for her.

(I wanted to thank you sooo much for taking the time to make my birthday cake it was soooo yummy and everybody loved it!!! I was so excited i was just showing it off to everyone! -- Ariella)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle Zoe!

This cake was so much fun to make. The little animals took well...a long time, but they turned out well. It was for a baby shower for a little girl (Zoe) to be born in April. Her parents are using animals in her nursery and didn't want pink. The cake was chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry; something for every taste. The mom-to-be liked it so much she didn't want to cut it. (I helped her out though.)

He was my favorite...

It Says Love..

YUMMY Italian Creme Cake - this cake was so tasty with the nuts, coconut, cream cheese frosting, and fruit.

Valentines Day Cupcakes - these were for a local school for teacher appreciation week, which also coincided with Valentine's Day. They were butter pecan cupcakes with butter cream icing and fondant decorations.

More Birthdays...

Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Tink Cupcakes

For a Music Lover

Birthday Fun

Sister Cakes

Sofia wanted Tinkerbell and a white cake. That's what she got. The Tinkerbell figurine becomes a backpack pull and the rest of the decorations were made from fondant.

Ana wanted Hello Kitty and a white cake as well. Her figurine was a bubble container and their were some plastic Hello Kitty rings, but the rest of the decorations were edible (except the wires for the flowers).

This was for 2 year-old twins and was gluten-free chocolate and vanilla with butter cream icing and fondant decorations. This was a special cake to make as these twins were born preemies at only 24-weeks! What a special day to celebrate with them.

She loved flower baskets and yellow cake. I got the order on short notice, so I didn't have time to make fondant flowers, so I made her the yellow cake with all butter cream icing and decorations. She loved it!

A Tiny Outdoor Wedding

This wedding cake was for a second marriage and there were only 15-20 guests, but they wanted a special cake to celebrate. Each layer was a different flavor, chocolate, almond, and strawberry. The icing was butter cream and the only thing not edible was the ribbon. It looked really beautiful outdoors in a little gazebo.

Fruity Wedding

Bride and Groom's Cakes for a wedding in Texas.

She loved blueberries (her's was white with butter cream icing and fresh blueberries)

He loved strawberries (his was double chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream icing and hand dipped strawberries - I was tempted to eat it in the car because it smelled so good)

They were both happy.

Welcome Baby Girl

This was for a large baby shower for a little girl. The nursery was going to be brown and pink. The mom-to-be was VERY into chocolate so she got a very chocolate cake with butter cream icing and fondant decorations. There was plenty left over for her to snack on later.

Congrats and Happy Birthday

Facial Cupcakes that went with the Birthday Cake (below)

Birthday Cake for a Cosmetology Student

A Congrats Cake for a Graduate

Cupcake Fun

These were calculus cupcakes for my husband's class. I had no idea what I was writing on them.

Fun for spring.

And obviously...

Little bugs

These were some petite fours (little cakes) and a larger one covered in a thick chocolate ganache with little critters out of royal icing.

Box of Chocolate

This was an experiment cake for a friend's birthday. The cake inside was yellow with chocolate frosting, then I poured and cut chocolate to create a box around it and filled the top with fruit. It was very yummy and chocolaty.


While living in Portland, we helped start an ESL class at our church. This cake was a Thank You for a girl who help us out a lot and then had to leave to travel abroad to Spain.

Elegant and Poker...

This was a wedding in Texas. She wanted elegant, he loved poker... we made it work for both of them. Her cake was white with butter cream (seems that this is what most people prefer) and his was chocolate with butter cream icing and fondant work. Hers had real flowers, ribbons, and pearls to accent the elegant scroll work. Although, I loved her cake, my favorite part was making the beer mugs and painting the playing cards.


This cake was for the wedding of some friends I met in Morocco. The whole cake was white with butter cream (the groom had chocolate Texas sheet cakes - I didn't take pictures). The florist forgot the cake flowers so we took apart some of our corsages and boutonnieres and made it work. Turned out pretty well even without the official topper.

The Armadillo

I'd never seen an armadillo before making this cake, but they are not pretty creatures! The cake was tasty though, it had to be a true "bleeding armadillo" so it was a red velvet cake with butter cream icing. The head, feet, and tail were made from gum paste. With a little molding and paint, it looked pretty real.

The Start

My mom taught me the basics of cake decorating by allowing me (and my sisters) to practice with her left over frosting and graham crackers on the kitchen table as a child. I didn't really do much with it until a few years back when I became really interesting in techniques and new methods of making cakes into special works of art. I've been enjoying working with different materials and gaining confidence over the years. I thought this would be a good venue to show some of them and for people looking to book cakes. I hope you enjoy!